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Wishing you all a very Happy and a Blessed Mahavir Jayanti From A Krazy Mug

Mahavir Jayanti is a big day for the stanch devotees of Jainism. During this day, they spend a time close to their one and only guiding light, Vardhaman Mahavir, and inevitably assemble at the awesomely decorated Jain shrines to participate in the religious affairs highlighting their reverence in a great way.

Gift your close and loved ones some amazing Kitchenette Accessories , Travel Accessories this Mahavir Jayanti, you surely don’t want to miss out on these. Perfectly Hand Crafted and hand painted to perfection to satisfy your needs and wants when it comes to creativity and quirkiness. From Cutting Chai Glasses to Katta Chai to Travel Accessories and Stainless Steel Tumblers we have got it all covered.

Tapri Glasses – Chotu Hathi
Tapri Glasses – Sadhu
Kettle – I am Mumbai
Kettle – Kerala God’s Own Country
Katta Chai – Banaras
Kettle Set – Banaras

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A Krazy Mug wishes you a very Happy and a Blessed New Year! We wish you a successful year ahead! Happy 2019!

5 Amazing Katta Chai or Tea Glass Holder Just A Click Away | Hand Made and Hand Painted Home Decor & Kitchenette Accessories That Are Bound To Accentuate Your Home and Kitchen | Only At

Katta Chai – Run Zun

Here is a representation of a Rajasthani Couple complimenting each other with Indian Motifs!

Shop Now!

K atta Chai –                 Melange

Melange is a French Word that translates to “Blend” and we have incorporated the conglomeration of various designs and an assemblage of vibrant colors to the product.

Shop This Product

Katta Chai –                Madhubani

Madhuban is a city in India known for its rich culture & traditions. Here we depict the age old cycle rickshaw with saree clad lady along with driver in vibrant colours & ethnic designs.

Shop This Product NOW!

Katta Chai – Steps of Impressions

The theme of this product is based on the Steps of Impression. Since there were many impressions tried onto this product with different trial and error methods hence it’s named  “Steps of Impressions”.

Click here to shop now!

Katta Chai – Lotus Lady

The theme of this product is based on Lotus Lady that symbolizes creation, rebirth and is quite an integral part of the Indian Culture.

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500 OFF on All Our Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles | Tuesday Special Offer | Only on

Click on the image to avail our Special Tuesday Offer 

                                                                                         Tuesday Offer Sale

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Cyber Monday Sale | Upto 30% OFF of on Cutting Chai Glasses / Tea Glasses | Only at

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6 Hand Made and Exclusively Handcrafted Stainless Steel Tumblers That Entails Unique Story /Theme Behind It.

Stainless Steel Tumbler - Truck Theme Grey

Hand Painted Stainless Steel Tumbler – Large , Each Glass holds upto 400 ml. Can be used as a Drinking Glass or a Serving Glass. (INR 375 Each )

Base Material : Made from Stainless Steel

Washing Advice : Gentle hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe.


Stainless Steel Tumbler - KathaKali Green

Hand Painted Stainless Steel Tumbler – Auto Yellow ( INR 375 Each )


Stainless Steel Tumbler - Lady Rose Pink

Stainless Steel Tumbler – Lady Rose Pink (INR 375 Each)


Stainless Steel Tumbler Small - Owl Feather Blue

Stainless Steel Tumbler – Owl Feather Blue (INR 295 Each)

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Stainless Steel Tumbler  - Lady Rose Maroon

Stainless Steel Tumbler – Lady Rose Maroon (INR 375 Each )


Stainless Steel Tumbler - Auto Orange

Stainless Steel Tumbler – Auto Orange ( INR 375 Each)

Shop This Product

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Lightning Deals Offer | Our Prices Have Reduced On Limited Products | Limited Period Offer | Hurry Up! |

The Offer’s Valid only for a limited period. You might want to purchase before they go out of Sale. Hurry Up if you want to grab and get hold of some amazing hand painted and hand crafted items.


Below we list down the products that are effective of the deal.

Single Steel Kettle – I am Mumbai
Tapri Glasses – Auto

Tapri Glasses – Super Six 3
Kettle Set – Dragon Fly

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Month of Marriages Have Begun | Purchase Some Amazing Marriage Gifts With A Krazy Mug. | Hand Made and Hand Painted Home Decor |

If you’re attending a wedding of a close friend of yours or you’re getting married and you have a new house to look up to to live in, you might be puzzled as to what to gift your spouse / your other half or to your friend who’s getting married. Nevertheless, Home Decor is one important factor in House Decoration as well as personalizing and styling your home to your taste and fashion, that not only gives a new perspective to your life and a whole new feel to the place you stay in but also gives you this sense of pleasure and contentment that it’s your home built up to your perfection and taste.

You might as well be confused to gift someone whilst they’re getting married and it’s often a tougher job to gift than to get gifted, but worry not we’ve got you covered, here are a list of few products that are solely manufactured, handmade and hand painted Home Decor and Kitchenette Accessories that is created with the perfection of some talented artisans.

Steel Kettle - Durga Puja
Steel Kettle – Durga Puja
Steel Kettle - Mumbai Meri Jaan
Steel Kettle – Mumbai Meri Jaan
Tapri Glasses - Auto
Tapri Glasses – Auto
Tapri Glasses - Super Six
Tapri Glasses – Super Six
Katta Chai- Run Zun
Katta Chai – Run Zun
Katta Chai Madhubani
Katta Chai Madhubani
Steel Tumblers - AKrazyMug
Steel Tumblers – AKrazyMug

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10 Different Ways Of Styling Your Kitchen Closet & Work Tops | Home Decor & Ethnicity In Our Products | Only At

Creative , Manageable & Convenient of Styling Your Kitchen Closet |

Each and everyone has their own sense and style of revamping and organising their Kitchen Shelves and Pantry Closets so don’t let us tread on your toes!  But if you surely love some of our tips and tricks in how to make your kitchen look different and unique whilst maintaining a quirky yet Ethnic Style to it , then please feel free to share, like and comment our post!

If you’re looking up to spice up your Kitchen , then this post is definitely for you!

  • Our Most Admirable and Best Selling Cutting Chai / Tapri Glasses can act as a perfect example of enriching the elegance and bringing a colorful aspect when it comes to Home Decor and maintaining attractive Counter Tops. This product is a set of four (04) hand designed, printed cutting chai glasses (Tea Glasses) with a traditional stand. The theme of these glasses is termed as ‘Chashme Baddoor’. And it can certainly be used for Hot and/or cold serving!

TG CB_03
Tapri Glasses – Chasme Baddoor

Tapri Glasses - Super Six
Tapri Glasses – Super Six

Tapri Glasses - Truck Theme Pink
Tapri Glasses – Truck Theme Pink

Tapri Glasses Zingalala
Tapri Glasses Zingalala

Katta Chai Madhubani
Katta Chai Madhubani

Product contains a designer Hand painted wooden stand and 4 colored glasses. Ready for daily and rough use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.

Katta Chai - Steps Of Impressions
Katta Chai – Steps Of Impressions

Katta Chai - Melange
Katta Chai – Melange

  • Hand painted Stainless Steel Tumblers

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Killer Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones | Creative Gifting |

What gifts would you like to give to your friends? What gifting ideas would be the perfect go-to gift for your spouse? If you’re stuck somewhere in between these questions, AKrazyMug has got the perfect answers for your queries.

No matter what age, race, or ethnicity you belong to , our products are an all rounder when it comes to buying personalized gifts, quirky yet creative gifts or if you wanted some bar accessories set to creative cutting chai glasses. Buying Home Decor has never been this easy and less cumbersome when you shop at because we not only deal with Indian Ethnic products , we also sell products that are a complete amalgamation of Retro and the younger generation.

Here’s a list of products we cater into:

Ket TP
Kettle- Twin Personality

WB RZ_08
Wooden Box – Run Zun

Tapri Glasses – Chalti ka Naam Gaadi

vintage gifts
Brass Kettle – Old is Gold


To Explore More , Click on the link given below , We’re more than happy to serve you!

4 Gifting Ideas For Every Kind of Person You Know

With all the Amazing and heartwarming Festivals that are coming up this year, there’s a lot of quirkiness cooking up at the A Krazy Mug store. We know as this new year welcomes us to all the upcoming festivals on our way , you might go haywire deciding / picking / buying the perfect gift for the perfect every kind of person in your life. And we’ve curated down some of our very essentials and new products for all of y’ll , we can’t wait for you to see them. Below we list down some of the awesomeness that we at A Krazy Mug provide.

  1. For the Friend who loves cooking / serving

We all have that one particular friend that can put down our cooking skills to shame and can somehow can cook some of the most delicious meals of all time because such friends are food fanatics and a blessing to us.
Gift them one of these gorgeous serveware. They’ll love how much prettier it makes their food look, even though it’ll disappear mere minutes after that! 

Eye Mask – India To Abroad

Multipurpose Coin Pouch – Dibbewala

2. For that one friend who is traveling all around the world:

These products are perfect amalgamation of cuteness and creativity as well as they are easy to carry. you know the type – where their social media pages are filled with a number of check ins , beautiful serene pictures of different cities around the world and that makes you wonder how do they get their work done. But you secretly admire the kind of amazing enthusiastic life they’re living, for them these products are something that are worth gifting for. Gift them something that they’ll always travel with like the above Neck Pillows, Perfect lightweight Tote bags or those amazing Sleep / Eye Masks that can save you a lot of trouble during continuous ongoing lights during long haul flights.

Tapri Glasses – Sadhu
Tapri Glasses – Lotus

3. For that one friend who’s a bit more of a religious persons and has some pious virtues

The above top selling Cutting Chai Glasses / Tapri Glasses are the perfect gifts for those friends who are just a bit more orthodox and on the religious side, these can be gifted during some of the most auspicious and renowned Festivals such as during Diwali , Ganpati, Dussehra and so on , and trust me they can;t thank you enough for this.


5 Handy Tips To Set a Whole Lotta Amazing Festive Table This Summer.

From Diwali to Christmas to Eid to Thanksgiving , be it any kind of festival miraculously celebrated across different countries and cities , it all has one thing in common , food. With the beginning of this amazing new year and all the festivals right around the corner. We have refined down some very handy tips on setting your table this year at every joyous festival.

  1. Set the Mood
Stainless Steel Tumblers

Set the festive mood by recreating and organizing your dining table with some amazing Rose Petals and Gold Decoration and of course a hint of some amazing Stainless Steel Tumblers.

2. Pay Attention to the Small Detailing

Tapri Glasses – Nimbu Mirchi
Tapri Glasses – Nimbu Mirchi , Lotus

A Krazy Mug Stainless Steel Hip Flask Drink Holder, Bar Accessories Set with 4 Shot Glasses and 1 Funnel, 8 Oz

3. Party hard by Setting up a delightful, amazing table of Barware Accessories and Tools, the product is quirky and so eye catchy that whenever you’re in a mood of inviting friends at your place to set up a perfect chill environment, everyone for sure is going to love it.

For more information on Bulk Orders and Special Deals, please visit our official website at or simply call us at +91 9833983534.

Our New Priest Etched Digitally and Hand Painted Products have Launched! Check out these beautifully Handcrafted and Hand Painted Products from A Krazy Mug |

Listed below are some products that we have been waiting to share with all our customers who not only love our products but also admire the hard work that goes into it. It’s been a while since we have been active on our Blogs but I am sure it’s all worth the wait.

Check out our New Range of Priest Theme Etched Cutting Chai Glasses / Tea Glasses – Sadhu Theme that are available in Handpainted as well as Digitally Designed.

Tea Glasses / Cutting Chai Glasses – Sadhu ( With the Tea Glass Stand )
Theme: Inspired by Varanasi Mahant and Shankaracharya show variety of images depicting the Hindu religion of indians.

Available in Set of 6 , 4 ,2
View All

Kettle Set – Banaras
Exquisitely Hand Painted and Hand Crafted to Perfection Based Upon the Major Religious Hub in India – the Holy Pilgrimage of the Banaras Ghats – Varanasi.
Buy This Product

Single Kettle – Banaras
This particular product is based upon the City Banaras – This city is known worldwide for its many ghats, embankments made in steps of stone slabs along the river bank where pilgrims perform ritual ablutions.
Buy this Product

Katta Chai – Banaras
Tea Glass Wooden Holder / Cutting Chai Glass Wooden Holder.
Buy this Product

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14 New Products On Your Way | Step Up Your Shopping Quest With The All New Travel Accessories | A Krazy Mug

A Krazy Mug

Introducing our all new wide range and variety of Travel Accessories , starting from Neck Pillows to Eye / Sleeping Masks to Multipurpose Pouches to Tote Bags.

Neck Pillow Fabric Material – Mumbai Meri Jaan Themed

Neck Pillow Fabric – India To Abroad

Tote Bags – India To Abroad

Tote Bag – City That Never Sleep

Eye Mask – City That Never Sleep

Satin Eye Mask – Horn Not Ok Please

For any further queries, please feel free to contact us at / simply call us at +91 9833983534.

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