Purchase Our Iridescent & Admirable ‘Cycle Rickshaw’- Tea/ Coffee Glasses (Tapri Glass Set) Only At AKrazyMug.com

Our Both ‘Tapri Glasses’ and ‘Rickshaws’ have their own fascination . Along with adding appeal to your home décor you may delight your dearies having a customary taste and take them through the old memories.

Tapri Glasses :

If you are craving for a cutting chai right now, you just need to pour your tea in this classic glass, These are the perfect Cutting Chai Glasses you’d want to obsess over!This one is a drink for every occasion, for every person and for every mood and a guarantee to quench your thirst.

TS SS_05
Tapri Glasses- Super Six
Tapri Glass Set – Multicolor

Rickshaws : 

You know they say home is where the heart is and ultimately that must be the reason why we put so much heart and effort into decorating our homes. From the never ending Pinterest postings, to watching DIY videos and yet failing to re-create the perfect look we’re opting for, it seems like an endless battle to search for, let alone re-create, the looks we desire to have in our homes. Which is why we have sorted out some beautiful rustic , Indian, Ethnic with a hint of fun to stand out as your home decor and such are these rickshaws are nevertheless one of the most intricately designed Home Decor by our skillful artisans that add an exquisite and a quirky charm to your Home Decor.

RK IN_09
Indian Rickshaw – Home Decor
Bike – Let’s Drive – Home Decor




KH HR_04
Key Holder – Hookah Red

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