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Since with all the festivals around the corner, We at AKrazyMug have the best Products in store for all our customers that are not only presentably creative but are possibly truly unique in it’s own way. Our love to preserve and promote the Handicrafts forms as not just Souvenirs/Gifts but crafting an integral part of urban setting. 

Kettle Mumbai Meri Jaan
Kettle Mumbai Meri Jaan

The pot bellied Lord Ganesha is worshipped all across India and outside India , and us certainly considered above all the Gods in India. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days in all parts of India with great delight and fun. People from all walks of life welcome Bappa heartily in their home and even in public places for that matter.

Katta Chai Run Zun
Katta Chai Run Zun

It is during such festivals, that people devote their life for Bappa and Gifting is a blessing in such occasions as it is one of the purest form of Celebrating Love, Peace and Joy with all your family members and relatives. So why not celebrate it with even more creative, handmade and hand designed, with a hint & touch of Indian Ethnic vibes ?

Steel Canister Lady Set of Yellow
Steel Canister Lady Set of Yellow

We, at AkrazyMug.com have the best products in store for such amazing blessed festivals that can be gifted to people at any occasions regardless of their age, gender or even if they’re somewhere far off ,likely outside India.

Tapri Glasses - Chotu Hathi
Tapri Glasses – Chotu Hathi


There are numerous and countless way of expressing love, joy and peace through our most creative quirky gifts that are purely hand made and hand crafted by our hardworking artisans , that leave no stone unturned to satisfy your quench for such amazing perfect gifts that you can gift your family , your spouse, your fiance or your friends.

Tapri Glasses - Super Six
Tapri Glasses – Super Six

Below , we lay down 5 Best Products That You can Gift During This Ganpati Season.

We, also do provide extensible customization orders on our products if you’d like to customize it to your personality and to your flavor.

Tapri Glasses - Auto
Tapri Glasses – Auto

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10 Different Ways Of Styling Your Kitchen Closet & Work Tops | Home Decor & Ethnicity In Our Products | Only At AKrazyMug.com

Creative , Manageable & Convenient of Styling Your Kitchen Closet | Akrazymug.com

Each and everyone has their own sense and style of revamping and organising their Kitchen Shelves and Pantry Closets so don’t let us tread on your toes!  But if you surely love some of our tips and tricks in how to make your kitchen look different and unique whilst maintaining a quirky yet Ethnic Style to it , then please feel free to share, like and comment our post!

If you’re looking up to spice up your Kitchen , then this post is definitely for you!

  • Our Most Admirable and Best Selling Cutting Chai / Tapri Glasses can act as a perfect example of enriching the elegance and bringing a colorful aspect when it comes to Home Decor and maintaining attractive Counter Tops. This product is a set of four (04) hand designed, printed cutting chai glasses (Tea Glasses) with a traditional stand. The theme of these glasses is termed as ‘Chashme Baddoor’. And it can certainly be used for Hot and/or cold serving!
TG CB_03
Tapri Glasses – Chasme Baddoor
Tapri Glasses - Super Six
Tapri Glasses – Super Six
Tapri Glasses - Truck Theme Pink
Tapri Glasses – Truck Theme Pink
Tapri Glasses Zingalala
Tapri Glasses Zingalala
Katta Chai Madhubani
Katta Chai Madhubani

Product contains a designer Hand painted wooden stand and 4 colored glasses. Ready for daily and rough use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.

Katta Chai - Steps Of Impressions
Katta Chai – Steps Of Impressions
Katta Chai - Melange
Katta Chai – Melange
  • Hand painted Stainless Steel Tumblers

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Hand Painted Funky Glass Tumblers : Chashme Baddoor

Chashme Baddoor Tapri Glasses ( Details)

Theme :  Chashme  Baddoor is a slogan used in north India to ward off the evil eye. The slogan is frequently uttered as a protective phrase when a beloved succeeds, has good luck or otherwise receives praise, because those events are said to invite jealous attention. Chashme Baddoor and its associated icons are often seen as part of Indian truck signage.

It can also be seen in Indian and Pakistani homes, sometimes as an interwoven part of wall-hangings and other decorative art. There is also a popular Indian movie named after the slogan “Chashme Baddoor”.

Description and Usage :

Completely Hand painted  with non toxic and food safe materials. Makes a beautiful practical present. Ideal for serving  tea and coffee. Can be used as candle light holder.

Name :   Tapri Glasses  ‘Chashme Baddoor’                              Code : TG CB

Set of six glasses with Stand

Material: Glass, metal stand, non toxic and food safe acrylic paint, non toxic glossy coats/ lamination
Volume/Capacity : 150ml    Weight: 1000gms.   Height : 3.3 Inches. (5.5 cmsX 8.5cms)
Washing advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended.

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TG CB (5)

“Wind Chime Glasses” Set of six


Link for Pictures :


Wind chimes are bells made  from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects and are often made of metal or wood. Since ancient times these are usually hung outside of a building or residence, hung up in gardenscourtyards, under the corners of roofs of temples and  palaces as a visual and aural garden ornament.

The slightest breeze  swings  the clapper and causes a melodious tinkling. It is said that these bells were originally intended to frighten away not only birds but also any lurking evil spirits, so they were often also used as a symbol of good fortune and a charm against the evil eye.

Different types of wind chimes have also been used in modern music and are listed as a percussion instrument. As always even today Wind Chimes are used as an element of home décor.

—————————-PRODUCT   DETAILS———————————–

Set of six glasses with Stand

Product Name: TAPRI GLASSES WIND CHIME      :   Product Code —  TG WC

Material: Glass, metal stand, non toxic and food safe acrylic paint, non toxic glossy glazes.
Volume/Capacity : 150ml
Weight: 1000gms. Height : 3.3 Inches. (5.5 cmsX 8.5cms)
Washing advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended.

Description : Completely hand painted, classy, premium home décor cum utility gift. Makes a beautiful practical present . Ideal for serving tea and coffee.

Usage : If you expect some guests with a customary taste then don’t forget to delight them by serving Tea, Coffee, Buttermilk, Soup or any beverage in these unique designer artifacts.These are designed with non toxic and food safe materials so that you may use it as an item of Home décor with Utility.
The high class glossy coat protects the shades from fading away along with a long lasting classy look !


Purchase Our Iridescent & Admirable ‘Cycle Rickshaw’- Tea/ Coffee Glasses (Tapri Glass Set) Only At AKrazyMug.com


Our Both ‘Tapri Glasses’ and ‘Rickshaws’ have their own fascination . Along with adding appeal to your home décor you may delight your dearies having a customary taste and take them through the old memories.

Tapri Glasses :

If you are craving for a cutting chai right now, you just need to pour your tea in this classic glass, These are the perfect Cutting Chai Glasses you’d want to obsess over!This one is a drink for every occasion, for every person and for every mood and a guarantee to quench your thirst.

TS SS_05
Tapri Glasses – Super Six 



Tapri Glasses Set – Multicolor




Rickshaws : 

You know they say home is where the heart is and ultimately that must be the reason why we put so much heart and effort into decorating our homes. From the never ending Pinterest postings, to watching DIY videos and yet failing to re-create the perfect look we’re opting for, it seems like an endless battle to search for, let alone re-create, the looks we desire to have in our homes. Which is why we have sorted out some beautiful rustic , Indian, Ethnic with a hint of fun to stand out as your home decor and such are these rickshaws are nevertheless one of the most intricately designed Home Decor by our skillful artisans that add an exquisite and a quirky charm to your Home Decor.

RK IN_09
Indian Cycle Rickshaw – Home Decor
Bike- Let’s Drive (Home Decor)
KH HR_04
Key Holder – Hookah Red


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